First of all, thank you for your interest in purchasing one of my prints.

All of the work on this site is currently being offered as custom made, digital pigment prints and each is printed by me personally. Each print is made on a heavyweight, archival, fine art baryta paper that exhibits the feel, depth and surface similar to that of a traditional fine art silver print. I have tried many different papers and concluded that this paper offers the viewer the experience that I intended for the work.

In the case of the early black and white work, from 1990 and prior, there are also a limited number of selenium toned, silver gelatin prints available of most of these images. Availability of any given print or size will be subject to what is on hand as no further silver gelatin prints will be made from these negatives. All prints are vintage prints that I personally made at ,or very close to, the time the negative was created. The papers I used to create these prints are no longer available.

As I am just again offering my work for sale, all print prices listed will be discounted by 20% at this time except those for the silver gelatin prints.

The details for each series, as to edition and prices, can be seen by selecting the series name below:




Main Street

Across the West : The People and The Places

Across the West : The Passage


The Pearl

Under Perfumed Skies

In the Garden


Un Momento



Shipping within the US for prints up to, and including, 20x30 inches is included in the price. Sales tax will be added when applicable. Shipping fees for international sales will be calculated and added to the price and any additional fees or costs associated with shipping internationally will be the responsibility of the purchaser.

Orders should be placed by emailing me. I will then confirm your order, the expected shipping date and send an invoice via PayPal which can then be paid with a credit card or your Paypal account.

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